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Payroll Checks

Payroll checks are printed on industry-standard 24 lb. recycled MICR bond paper with 20% post-consumer fiber, the highest possible quality using today's technology. Payroll Checks

payroll checks

Payroll Check Supply

Available are Three-Per-Page Payroll checks in both single and duplicate check formats.

Hourly Payroll Stub >> Choose up to 2 Extra Deduction Captions

Hourly/Salary Payroll Stub >> Choose up to 7 Extra Deduction Captions

Salary Payroll Stub >> Choose up to 4 Extra Deduction Captions

Payroll stubs provide space to include categories for best organizing payroll deductions and maintaining accurate records. Find Payroll Checks

Extra Deduction Caption Options:
1. State Unemployment
2. State Tax
3. City Income Tax
4. City Earnings Tax
5. Credit Union
6. Loan Payment
7. Group Pension
8. U.S. Bonds
9. Group Life Insurance
10. Blue Cross
11. Union Dues
12. Pension Fund
13. Bond Payment
14. Group Insurance
15. Blue Shield
16. Salary Advance
17. 401k Contribution
18. Government Bonds
19. Hospital Insurance
20. Insurance
21. Red Cross
22. Retirement Fund
23. Savings Club
24. Dental Insurance
25. United Way
26. Other Payments
27. Food Cost
28. Holiday Savings
29. Health Insurance
30. Purchases
31. Merchandise Payment
32. Meals
33. Laundry
34. Clothing
35. Uniforms
36. Miscellaneous
37. Tips
38. SDI
39. County Tax

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